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Some more Black Friday and Christmas Hauls

By 12/31/2011 , ,

Here's a small look at some of the hauling I did from Morgana's Cryptoria for Black Friday as well as a first purchase of Nfu Oh polishes from

Do you own any Nfu Oh stuff? What's your favorite(s)?

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  1. 51 is ti die for! It s purple jelly colour with lots of different flakies - with a glowy ember type of lake to it

  2. Those Nfu Oh nail polishes look gorgeous :)

  3. i don t know this brand need to try it

  4. these nail polishes look amazing and I realy like the cute bottle too

  5. Loooove Nfu Oh but I don;t own any of them. I have a lot of flakies from Golden Rose, they are very cheap and their flakies are to die for. :) Nice haul!


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