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Jedi what, what! - Geek Haul

By 12/17/2011 , ,

So as most everyone should know or have noticed at least, I play video games. I was raised back in the day of quarter arcades, 80's music, and crazy colorful fashion. I absolutely love a good RPG (roleplaying game), I grew up playing Joust, Gauntlet, Archon, Final Fantasy, and Mario Brothers. Every time a new game came out I was at the rental place trying to get my hands on it before someone else did (I couldn't always talk my parents into buying me a game).

I started playing online games like Neverwinter Night, Ultima Online, Everquest, Guild Wars, and World of Warcraft. I've tried out pretty much every MMO RPG that has come along in search of that old feeling of excitement I first got when logging onto a game. WoW is great and all but sometimes you just need something new and exciting. As of late I have been immersed in a little bit of a Sci-Fi game (I'm more Fantasy based then Sci-Fi) aka Star Wars the Old Republic.

So far it's new, fun, and exciting and I love the fact I can choose my responses to "Quests" and it all has a more polished feeling. Quest mobs have voice actors and I can choose to be nice (Light Side), or a jerk (Dark Side). Plus I mean... I get a Lightsaber! Or a Blaster if you opt to go Trooper or Smuggler. I'm currently playing a Jedi Consular on the healing end of things.

I don't plan on disappearing and of course I plan to try to post every single day, but this is another thing that I do on the side besides work and blogging. Just another look inside my life outside of makeup. :)

Will you choose Light Side or Dark Side?

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  1. Hubby and I are playing Rift right now, but I really want to try Star Wars. Everyone who has played it seems to like it! I'm so over WoW...I quit when Cat came out...too many changes for the worse.


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