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Sugarpill Cosmetics - Black Friday Haul

By 12/20/2011 ,

During Black Friday I picked up a bunch of things I wanted from Sugarpill (not all of them because the husband would flip if had bought the remaining 11 items I don't own!), I bought quite a few things but I still have more on my list!

I love Sugarpill and cannot say enough good things about them, their products, and their wonderful customer service! I will have swatches up soon along with a review of the things I bought.

Anyway onto the photos!

Do you own any Sugarpill stuff? What's your favorite(s)?

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  1. Ooh, I'm jealous! I want more Sugarpill so bad but I haven't gotten any since last Christmas because of my unemployment.

    I have Tiara, Stella, Birthday Girl, Tipsy, and Royal Sugar. I *love* Tipsy and Royal Sugar, they're my favorite green and blue, respectively. I want the rest of the loose shadows for my everyday collection and the pressed shadow palettes for travel.

  2. AHHH! Envy!

    I only have their two palettes and only one Chromalust (lumi). I'd love to see your swatches... especially Darling :O

  3. Yes! I have both palettes plus eight of the loose eyeshadows. I can't decide which one I like best!

  4. i own one palette,one solid eyeshadow and yesterday i recieved the last chroma lust to complete my colletion. :)

  5. I already have all of the pressed shadows, but I picked up 3 loose shadows during the sale. I'm really liking the Royal Sugar and Asylum!


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