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Wet n Wild - Fantasy Makers 2011

By 12/19/2011 , , ,

During Halloween I saw a ton of Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers products, I didn't pick up things in time and when Halloween was over I was only able to snag a few things. I got a hold of two of the nail polishes and one of the lipsticks. I think I paid $0.96 after they discounted them 50%, I can't remember what the original prices were which is my bad.

Anyway onto the photos!

In the swatches the sparkles in Black Magic really did not show up very well, not sure why as I could see them in person. I would have to say my favorite is definitely Purple Potion.

Do you own any Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers? What is your favorite?

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  1. Purple Potion looks so pretty, I love it :)

  2. Those nail polish bottles are awesome!

  3. I actually have that lipstick, and it is lovely. It just feels really wet at times and I always feel like it's running down my face.


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