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Holika Holika Moisture Petit BB SPF 30 Cream - First Look

By 12/01/2011 , ,

Recently I ordered Holika Holika's BB Cream, this is a Korean brand so I had to order it on Ebay as it's not available where I'm at.

I placed my order from Bello-Girl on November 16th and received a noticed it was shipped the next day! I got my order on November 26th, I'm extremely impressed with the fact I received it within 7 business considering it was coming international! On top of that the seller gives free shipping as well, so that is a double win!

For this BB cream through Bello-Girl I paid $9.99, I'm not sure how much it cost normally but I find this to be a reasonable price and most other places were $12.99 or more and I still had to pay shipping with them.

Anyway onto the pictures!

Cute note included! :)

Free sample!

I'll have a review up in a few days or so after I've had a good testing run with it, the cream seems to blend in well though and even though it's a little more yellow one me and darker I think it will work well with my red spots on my face.

I think next I'm going to pick up the cute blushers.

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