Thursday, December 18, 2014

Makeup Geek - Vegas Collection - Pigments - Review & Swatches

Makeup Geek

A while back Makeup Geek released a new collection called the Vegas Collection, I ended up purchasing the full set which includes an eyeshadow palette and five pigments. I have been looking forward to trying them out as Marlena is someone who strives for quality in her products.

I'm going to review the five pigments of the collection first, I'll be sure to post the palette review at the end of the week or beginning of next week depending on the sun and if it ever comes out! I will eventually also review the new foiled shadows they released because they look fantastic, currently however I am no longer working so I'm on a strict makeup no buy (the worst phrase a makeup addict can say I know lol).

Anyway onto the photos!

Liquid Gold
Poker Face
Vegas Lights

Left to Right: Jackpot, Liquid Gold, Nightlife, Poker Face, Vegas Lights
Swatched over UDPP and Fyrinne Pixie Epoxy in sunlight

My Rating:  9 out of 10 Feathers

Cost:  $6.99 for 1.4G / 0.05 oz


Formula:  Standard pigment formula.

The Packaging:  Sleek jar with a twist off cap, issues with lid fallout when opened.

My Final Thoughts:  The quality of these pigments is amazing, they are very smooth and extremely pigmented. The price is wonderful considering these are on par with high end brands like MAC. Vegas Lights reminds me of MAC's Reflect Copper but with a more pigmented and smooth finish making it a gorgeous copper must have. I love Nightlife which is described as a light shimmery rose brown taupe, it looks almost like it has a a hint of iridescent sparkle making it my favorite out of the five. Liquid Gold is described as a true metallic gold and definitely fitting of what you get. Jackpot is described as a pale shimmery yellow, this is my second favorite of the group because I'm in love with the soft pale yellow sparkle it has. Poker Face is described as a medium golden bronze, it's a nice smooth texture and highly pigmented.

The rating of these would have been a 10 out of 10 if not for the packaging. Let me say that I love the sleekness and sturdiness of the jar, the huge problem only comes after opening the top. When you twist off the cap you get a huge amount of pigment mess, because there is no stopper like the one MAC pigments have for example or even a tighter cap design. This allows pigment to build up in the cap grooves which in turn causes this issue. It's not a huge loss of product but none the less it does cause frustration when first receiving the pigments (since in postage the jars can be upside down at one point or another). I ended up cleaning up the caps on mine and am ensuring I store them flat to avoid this from happening again, although it can become a problem if you take them with you if you travel since your jar most likely will be moving around in your bag or makeup kit. Some people have suggested sifters, personally I would rather have a stopper because I like open access to the product in case I decided to take a smaller amount with me I could easily get to it to place it in a smaller jar without fighting to remove a shifter and possibly spilling it everywhere.

Would I purchase again?   Yes! Despite the issues with the packaging I would still purchase these pigments, the quality and smoothness is there and I hope in future the issue with the pigment jar is redesigned to include a stopper or a tighter top to avoid the build up in the lid and mess that follows when opening. The amazing thing about Makeup Geek is that it's owned by someone who listens to her customers suggestions taking them into account, so I have full faith that the jar issue will be fixed at some point.

Do you own any of these? What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sugarpill Cosmetics - Sparkle Baby Palette & LE Lucid Loose Shadow Releasing Today!!!

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I've been seriously MIA, but the Sugarpill Cosmetics is releasing their long awaited Sparkle Baby Palette along with a Limited Edition loose shadow called Lucid (seriously a gorgeous looking shade)! so if you've been wanting to pick this up check out their site today! I've been getting things organized in my life and I'm hoping to have a new post/review up next week that is another new collection from a different company.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Glamour Doll Eyes - OTM - March 2014

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I'm always excited to get the Glamour Doll Eyes OTM each month, and this month was no exception so I'm really glad I was able to repurchase another 3 months of it since mine ended last month!

Anyway onto the photos!

Swatched over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
The color this month again was extremely gorgeous (the pictures don't quite do it justice), I'm a sucker of teal blue shades! (Sorry that my camera is a little off, for some reason it's been yellow tinted.)

Along with the Glamour Doll Eyes shadow they also included an extra item from Kawaii Power Up (isn't the business card just completely kawaii itself??), it's a cute hair clip that is a beautiful glitter cover star!

Are you part of the OTM subscription? What are your thoughts?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Balm on Sale on Hautelook!!

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Right now Hautelook has the Balm Products on sale for up to 50% off, go check them out if you've been wanting some of their items!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Jordana Cosmetics - 12 HR Made To Last Eyeshadow Pencils - Review & Swatches

Press Sample

A while ago I was sent some Jordana Cosmetics products to try out, I haven't ever seen them around my area so I was more then happy to test them out.

Anyway onto the photos!

My Rating:  10 out of 10 Feathers

Cost:  $3.99 for Net Wt. 2.8g /0.10 oz (price may vary depending on location)

Availability:  Walgreen's and

Formula:  These shadows are extremely smooth and easy to apply, they are very long lasting, and very pigmented.

The Packaging:  Standard jumbo pencil packaging.

My Final Thoughts:  The quality of these is amazing for the price, they are creamy, pigmented, and last. I rubbed over them after they had set and they didn't budge, they also seem to be pretty much waterproof. These remind me of the Urban Decay Glide on shadow pencils!

Would I purchase again?  Definitely! You can't beat the price for the amazing quality that is on par with high end brands.

Do own any of these? What's your favorite color(s)?

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Crown Brushes on Sale on Hautelook!

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Right now Hautelook has Crown Brush Products on sale for up to 81% off, go check them out if you've been wanting some of their items!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Glamour Doll Eyes - OTM - February 2014

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I've been extremely behind on everything, but I wanted to get back on track with showing the Glamour Doll Eyes OTM subscription. If you want to read about what it is be sure to check it out on their website.

Anyway onto the photos!

Swatched over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
This months color is absolutely gorgeous, I was very excited when I opened it up and saw just how beautiful it was and to top it off it blends very well and is very pigmented!

Dark Heart Designs Centaur's Wisdom
Along with the Glamour Doll Eyes shadow they also included an extra item from Dark Heart Designs, this does add a nice sparkle and at first from the bottle kind of reminded me of Lorac's 3D Liquid Lustre. When applied though it's more runny in texture and doesn't give that "pow" sparkle factor that the Lorac Liquid Lustre does, mind you it's still a very pretty shimmer if you're looking for something very subtle.

Are you part of the OTM subscription? What are your thoughts?