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China Glaze and Seche Vite

By 12/18/2011 , ,

A month or so ago I was looking to purchase the Seche Vite Top Coat, I found it for $7.99 at Sally's. Before I hit the register I noticed this combo pack for $9.99 I decided why not get a China Glaze polish for a few dollars more and so I put back the single Seche Vite Top Coat. Using my Sally's Beauty Member card I got this for $8.99, so it was a great deal for two items plus it came with a cute key chain that reminded me of something from Sailor Moon.

Anyway onto the photos!

I've become pretty addicted to purchasing polishes, I think I'm well over 20 China Glaze alone that I own. I will try to swatch them all in the future. I wish I could buy them all but I need to slow down a bit as money still isn't 100% back on track current!

I'm also really loving the Seche Vite Top Coat, it dries fast and keeps my polish from chipping easily.

What's your favorite polish?

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  1. That China Glaze polish looks so pretty :) I love Seche Vite, its my favorite top coat, love how fast it dries :)

    I cant seem to get enough nail polishes, just posted my nail polish storage and organisation if you are interested in taking a look :)


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