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Glamour Doll Eyes Control Freak Primer - Review

By 12/02/2011 ,

A while back Glamour Doll Eyes released a few samples of their new Control Freak Eye Primer. I purchased a sample of the primer which came in a 5gram jar. I later won a contest they had and received a full size of the primer with the Circus Collection as a prize.

Since it released today I figured it's time I let you all know what I think of it, first off lets check out the packaging. 

Heavily Swatched

Control Freak Blended Out

Glamour Doll Eyes Recruit

Note: My eyelids are combination, some areas can be oily (usually the lids) some areas are dry at times. Remember though everyone's body chemistry will work differently with products so what works for me may not always work for others.

Packaging: The primer comes in a tin which I really like, I've had the sample primer in the 5 gram jar for a couple of month now and it never dries out. This is great considering when I depotted my Urban Decay Primer potion and placed that into a 5 gram jar it dried out within a month. I love the fact it's in an easy to access container to ensure I can get ALL of my product out and not waste any. 

Price:  $10.75 for approximately .39 fl oz vs. $19 Urban Decay Primer Potion for approximately .37 fl oz.
Texture:  To me this product goes on like mousse, it glides smooth and dries clear.

Pros:  This keeps my shadows from creasing, holds it on all day long (even after falling asleep I woke up with very little creasing and vibrant shadows still), cheaper by $8.25 compared to UDPP and has .02 more fl oz. The tin allows me to use every bit of product, this product goes on smooth and doesn't quickly dry up on my lids allowing me time to blend it out.
Cons:  I personally find nothing that I don't like about this product! 
Would I order again: Absolutely yes! This primer is my new go to eye primer! The fact it's cheaper than Urban Decay Primer Potion, feels like a mousse that glides on so easily, and comes in an easy to access is tin is all a win for this product!

PRODUCT : 10/10
TEXTURE : 10/10
PRICE : 5/5

I purchased this product myself, I also won a full size in a giveaway however all opinions are my own honest thoughts.

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  1. Oooh it makes the sparkles in the eyeshadow stand out so well! Admittedly though, the color in the tin is just weirding me out a bit, even though it sheers out

  2. @Mai Yeah I noticed that about the sparkles too! The color was definitely different for me also, and I wasn't sure about the texture at first but I love this stuff. :)

  3. Do you have oily, normal or dry lids? You didn't mention that anywhere in the review :) I have to be really careful when I try primers because what is one person's HG might not work for my super-oily lids.

  4. @Jade Carver mine are combination I guess you could say, sometimes they get oily and other times they can be dry. :(

  5. You'd think I'd have tried this already but I haven't! Definitely going to be getting some though. I love how it made the color more vibrant and sparkly than the UDPP did.

  6. @A Brilliant Brunette Yeah this was the first I swatched them side by side, I was really surprised by the extra oomph that the Control Freak gave for the sparkles!


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