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OPI - Muppets

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I picked up 3 of the OPI Muppets nail polishes, I wanted to get more but when I went back to the store they were sold out. I'm pretty sure that is because they make wonderful stocking stuffers, or just presents in general! I bought each for $8.49 at my local super grocery store, when I looked at Ulta they were selling them for $12.50. The only difference I could notice was a little white striping on the bottles, I thought maybe it was just an issue with that batch but I noticed some other polishes also had the same issue (I'm guessing that store is where all the "mutant" bottles go and maybe that's the drop in price?).

Anyway onto the photos!

I may try to locate some of the others, not sure yet.

Do you own anything from OPI Muppet Collection? What ones do you love?

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  1. This post might give a little more insight into the white stripes :) hope this helps!

  2. @Mai Ahhh! Hrmm what does the serial # look like I wonder... the one I have also has a set of #'s/letters on it still, but does appear there is something filed off a different area too.

  3. These colours are really great, thanks! I really like the warm & fozzie!

  4. I have Gettin' Miss Piggy with it, Fresh Frog of Belair (odd that there's so many Will Smith references in a non Smith collection?!), Divine Swine, but my favourite has to be Rainbow Connection. So many beautiful colours. Mine are all chunky glitters that are weird to work with but the bright glitter is too awesome!!!


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