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Sephora Haul + I'm on a BOAT!!!

By 12/08/2011 , , ,

A few days back I got a $15 gift card e-mail for being a Sephora Beauty Insider member.  I actually had not ordered anything from Sephora since December of 2010! So I figured what the heck I'll at least use the $15 card I got for something.

I decided to get a Kat Von D palette since I'd been seeing people swatch them, the one I got was the True Romance Metal Palette because it was $24 and I couldn't think of anything else at the time that I wanted. With it I also used a coupon code to get a free express bag with 6 samples in it, I had to spend $25 to use this so I added on a $3 Sephora sharpener.

Anyway onto the pictures!

I think Sephora got my order wrong!

In other news when I went to my local grocery store browsing makeup while the husband picked out some new clothes I came across the New O-P-I Muppets nail polish collection. The husband told me after I met up with him that it was ok if I bought two, unfortunately the bottles all had this weird white slash on the bottles where it almost looked like they melted or something. For that price I wasn't about to buy a mutant bottle... the only mutant thing I love is X-Men!

And for complete randomness this is my boat that I ate for lunch one day! Random Crow is Random!

Video contains language... just a warning!

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  1. I also received that Sephora email with the gift card, but it says I have to spend at least $50. Were you able to just spend $25?

  2. @sunnydee130 Yep! It still let me use it with just spending that little!

  3. Gosh i love that song haha! Sitting here giggling while watching it!
    The muppets collection looks so pretty! I picked up rainbow connection yesterday as a complete impulse buy!

  4. I love that palette, the blues are so rich! Thumbs up for random cat in a box picture too. :)

  5. @Jane Yeah! It's awesome Michael Bolton did that! I was definitely sad that the bottles were messed up on the muppets, was having trouble deciding which two to buy too lol.

    @LydiaTheStrange The blues are what caught my eye! Blue is definitely one of my favorite colors. :)

  6. Nice haul! I got that coupon too and just haven't had a chance to use it! It's a shame that all the bottles were mutant! I have a few shades from the collection that I love!

  7. Oh that videos making me giggle! I so wish we could get Kat Von D stuff in the UK! xox

  8. Hehe...I did some black friday shopping on Sephoras site as well...and I ALSO bought the Metal Orchestra KVD palette. I am JUST about to do a review, its not going to be all good. OH my...BUT i was excited about the $10 tarte mascara!!!

  9. This video always cracks me up! Who knew Michael Bolton had such an awesome sense of hunour?


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