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Lime Crime - Fairytale Hand Mirror - Limited Edition

By 1/31/2013 ,

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Not too long ago Lime Crime released a limited edition Fairytale Hand Mirror on their site, originally this retailed for $29.99 but recently it went on sale for $14.99. I actually wasn't sure if I was going to get it because I didn't know if I wanted to spend $29.99 at the time, although it was really pretty and cute looking I decided to wait a bit. Then when it went on sale I of course decided I'd get it, I actually grabbed two of the mirrors (one for myself and one to add to a future giveaway).

Anyway onto the photos!

Cute packaging!

Came with this cute paper doll as well!

My Thoughts

The mirror is definitely a cute decoration item, it is a little smaller than a normal hand mirror but it would be good for up close eye details. The mirror is actually very clear and not distorted so it's definitely usable. For $14.99 it's well worth picking up to have on your vanity table as a cute decoration. It's not perfect as far as the detailing, as you can see in the pictures there were some flaws in mine (pearl was a little scratched, red parts of the mirror were a little clumsy on the pouring and went over the wording, ect) but even with the small flaws I still love it. It doesn't feel light and cheap, it's actually got weight to it as well.

So all in all if you want something pretty for decoration and to use for close up eye details this is worth checking out.

I'll have some more Lime Crime reviews coming up as well as I purchased a couple Lipsticks and an Eyeshadow palette not to long ago.

Did you pick up one of these? What's your thoughts on it?

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  1. It'd be gorgeous on a vanity on table top. I love how it looks x

  2. Beautiful <3

  3. Adorable! And I really like the packaging as well :)


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