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Fyrinnae - Halloween 2011 Swatches - Part 1

By 1/25/2013 , , , ,

I'm really late on posting these swatches, luckily this is a permanent collection and the shadows are available for purchase on the site still. I'll be doing these in 3 separate parts as the sunlight has been sporadic as of late and not cooperating with me the last couple of days.

Anyway onto the photos!

Amazing color shift when closer to light source for Arcane Magic shadows

Pink shimmer and sparkle on black, turns golden green when closer to light.

Green with a hint of turquoise, turns deep pink almost magenta when closer to light.

Vivid blue with slight turquoise highlight sparkles green and light blue, shifts to aqua and pink when closer to light.

As a side note the swatches do not do these justice, especially Bride of Frankenstein which is so much more sparkly in person!

Anyway I will have swatches up later on for the rest of the set, I'd definitely recommend all three of these shadows as the pigmentation and quality is amazing as always with Fyrinnae shadows.

Do you own any of these? What's your favorites(s)?

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  1. Nice swatches, I really like Alchemy's Curse!

  2. Alchemist curse is a dream :D


  3. Alchemists curse is really cool and reminds me of a more advanced/multi-chromatic version of MAC Young punk, which I love.

  4. Oh my, I love Alchemist's curse it's like night sky with thousands stars.


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