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Glamour Doll Eyes - OTM - January 2013

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Glamour Doll Eyes has a monthly subscription program called "Of the Month" or "OTM", last year I was lucky enough to have purchased 6 months each time they were offered so I ended up getting the full year of OTM's. I was really happy with each month and it was something exciting to find a new package every month with a unique color and sometimes even little surprises.

So as you can imagine I was ecstatic when the owner of Glamour Doll Eyes Vee said she was keeping the OTM program for another year. I've decided I'm going to post each month and show what was offered to give people an idea of what they would be getting if they decided to purchase a month/subscription. Currently the Subscriptions are all sold out, but there will be 1 Month offered each month they come out, and then later on there will be 3, and 6 month opening up as peoples subscriptions run out.

What the site says:

"After a successful year of OTM, we have decided to do another year! Glamour Doll Eyes will be releasing a new color each month that we will call "Of The Month's". This shadow will be limited to just that month and will be sold for only that month. There are many options for the OTM; 1 month, 2 month, 3 month, 6 month and maybe even 12 months. There will only be 100 of each color each month so picking up a subscription will guarantee that you will get the color the following months.

Of the month spots will open up on the 8th of every month. If the 8th lands on a Saturday or Sunday, they will open up on that Friday. There will only be 100 OTMs open at a time so only a handful will be released each month. OTMs will be shipped on the 10th of every month. If the 10th lands on a Saturday or Sunday, it will ship the following Monday. If you're International and you have an ongoing subscription, they will ship the 1st, if you purchase on the 8th, it will ship the 10th for that month and the 1st for every other month of your subscription.

For a 6 Month subscription I paid $36.00 total (this included the cost of shipping in the price).

Anyway onto the photos!

Swatched over UDPP and Pixie Epoxy.

A dark green with light green and almost brown duochrome.

I believe the subscriptions usually will be out on the 8th of each month depending on if it's a weekend or not, so keep your eyes open and/or sign up at for e-mail notifications (listed under OTM).

Did you purchase an OTM? What do you think of the program?
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  1. I really like the idea of indie subscriptions, especially if they're only available if you subscribe.

  2. That's such a gorgeous color!! I'm really hoping I can get a subscription next time!!


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