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2013 - New Year - What's to Come?

By 1/02/2013

Well I spent my New Year's Eve sitting around watching movies and eating pizza after a "fun" day at work, exciting I know. I am kind of an anti-social geek who loves nothing more then to sit around playing video games followed by snuggling up on the couch watching some old 80's or 90's movie (Legend).

Anyway this  year I'm hoping to have more time to blog, and trying to figure out more ways to be organized and get back on track with everything beauty related like makeup looks, tutorials, reviews, and maybe later on down the road outfits of the day.

Somehow life has again managed to get insanely crazy, with family stuff, pet stuff, and getting sick yet again (yay for the flu/cold that has been going around) but regardless of all that I will find time to blog more this year!

Also if you guys haven't seen Glamour Doll Eyes mention it via Facebook I'm really excited to say that the eyeshadow I helped come up with called Celestial Crow will now be permanent soon! Thank you to everyone who helped vote it up to the top! I'm super excited because I love, love, love this eyeshadow and I dreaded the fact I might run out someday and might not be able to get more.

Anyway I took a better swatch of it tonight because I'm working on redoing all my Glamour Doll Eyes product swatches now that I have the new Nikon 5000 camera.

Celestial Crow : A blackened blue with intense green shimmer.

I hope you all had a fantastic New Year's Eve and I hope your 2013 is an amazing one!!

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  1. Ermahgerd! I love that shadow! Happy New Year to you :)

  2. Such an amazing swatch!! :D
    I spent my NYE pretty much the same haha. Curled up with the boy watching sceience documentaries, lord of the rings and a spot of bakeing =]

  3. Wow, amazing *w* So pretty!
    Happy new year!



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