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RIP Urban Decay Primer Potions...

By 7/31/2011

So I have had 2... well 3 now Urban Decay Primer Potion bottles just sitting around, they were "empty" as far as you could tell from actually dipping the wand in and trying to pull some out. Of course we all know they aren't REALLY empty, I've just been lazy and not depotting them because I had more than a few.

I decided today was the day to put them to their demise... the lovely bottle that reminds me of a genie bottle is cute, but it had to die. And so I sat in my kitchen hacking away at it like a mad butcher.

One 10gram and one 5gram jar later... two bottles became this.

Thank you Urban Decay for finally making the new primer containers so that I can avoid almost hacking off a finger. (I feel sorry for people who had to throw away bottles before this was discovered)

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  1. I seriously just did the same thing today! I have been using the same bottle for maybe 6 months and felt that I wasn't getting the same amount from it so I depotted it and got a 10 gram and 5 gram jar from one bottle!!! It's a pain to cut open but so worth it!

  2. Im kind of sad about the new tubes because I love seeing posts like this. I can't get enough of how the tube looks after its been cut open and the shock of seeing how much is actually left. I have a tube that I haven't used much of but I want to depot it just to see it cut open.

  3. I'd make such a mess if I did this to mine =/

  4. It really is amazing how much product is left in there- shame on UD for taking so long to repackage!

  5. I did this to mine a month or two ago and it didn't look like there was much product in there at first, but then I stuck my finger in there and was like O___O WHAT?!

  6. OMGI can't believe how much is left in there! I have like four or five sitting around, I really should depot them rather than buying a new one!!

  7. You know, I bought the "professional size" from ulta becuase mine in the genie-esque bottle snapped where it was supposed to screw on, which I ended up potting the product exactly like you did, well any-who, my pro sized jumbo tube of it came out the wrong end on my first use!! I WAS LIVID!! And ulta was being super douchy and didnt take it back...losers!!


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