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Brows... they need attention too Anastasia Beverly Hills

By 8/05/2011 ,

So a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... I used to ignore my brows, no really I'm serious! Look, before the makeup wearing days even...

Then I discovered the wonders of makeup through youtube... and so the addiction began. Granted I loved my thicker brows, but I unfortunately never groomed them like I should of until I watched a videos... one of them being from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

I'll have some reviews up shortly on what I think of the products, but here's some pictures and videos to help those who are curious about how to shape your own brows at home and tools you can use to do so.

They also offer a variety of other products (bronzers, lip-glosses, ect)

I've not tried their other items like bronzer or lip-glosses, but I definitely will have to look into those in the near future.

Do you own any Anastasia Beverly Hills products?
If so what do you think?

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