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*****CLOSED****** End of Summer Giveaway!!!

By 8/25/2011

I will be publishing the winner of this giveaway shortly and they will be e-mailed to respond so keep an eye out for a new post! :)

In order to qualify to win this giveaway you must do ALL of the following!

ONE Entry per person so only comment ONCE on YOUTUBE not here with your names you subscribe with!! The winner will be picked by

Make you sure follow/subscribe publicly!!!

1. You must Make a post on Youtube telling me what you love/or don't love about Summer!
2. You must be subscribe to my Youtube channel Follow this link and watch the video and subscribe to my Youtube Channel
3. You must FOLLOW my blog (note you can use twitter or GFC to follow this blog by clicking the Follow button on the left sidebar)
4. You must FOLLOW me on Twitter!/LadycrowX
5. You must LIKE my Facebook page Here

DO NOT make a post saying enter me... just follow the rules above and make sure you do them all to avoid being disqualified.

This giveaway is U.S. and International and you must have your parents permission if under 18!

Giveaway ends September 25th, 11:59pm EST comments after that time/date will be not be valid.
Good luck everyone!! :)

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  1. So the people who don't have an account on at least one of those things can't do anything? Too bad :( .

    Good luck to the people who have it all, though :) !

  2. Ahh, youtube isn't letting me comment!

    Great giveaway; I'll come back later and see if it'll let me comment :P

  3. Sweet Giveaway!!! Posted on youtube as prncesssarah02 & GFC

    facebook:Sarah Barnes
    twitter Sarah Mitchell/Barnes (prncesssarah02)


  4. I tried so many times to left a comment on ur youtube video, but dont know why my comments are not getting approved ????

    So i thought i should left my left here on ur blogpost. plzzzz

    1= What i like about summer is that i can wear flipflops and eat so many mangoes !!! coz here in my country summer is famous for mangoes. so we can enjoy so many seasonal fruits including mangoes here :)

    2= Subscribed on youtube : Sad20ful

    3= GFC : Sadi

    4= Twitter : Sad20ful

    5= Facebook : Sadia Latif

  5. I'm excited to see who is the winner :)


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