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Ulta unplanned stop... Purminerals.

By 7/31/2011

So today while I was checking my e-mail via my mobile phone I got an e-mail from Ulta... something about free samples but I decided to read it anyway. The thing that caught my eye was the current buy one get one free on the 4-1 purminerals pressed foundation. I am extremely low on this stuff as I like to use it for pretty much everything (brow highlighter, foundation for quick tutorials, ect.). It wears well, it covers well for being extremely light feeling and I can build it up as much as I want to. Anyway I ended up grabbing 2 of them in Porcelain for the low low price of $26 which is pretty freakin awesome.

They also included in them a sample of the  Neutral Primer, I'm all for trying stuff.

Since I hadn't posted the first time I bought some purminerals I got these with the starter kit.

PRODUCT : 9/10
TEXTURE : 10/10
PRICE : 4/5

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  1. Purminerals is the only mineral makeup I've ever purchased a full size of, due to the fact that it's probably the fairest of the non-indie shades. I liked it OK, but I'm not sold on MMU (I have dry skin & need good coverage, for me, powder just can't give me what I need).

    I would, however, caution anyone against buying the Pur Minerals Chisel brush. It's not a cheaply priced brush- I paid over $20 for mine at Ulta. It's very scratchy and after a few months of use, the center of what is supposed to be a flat top had sunken, making it impossible to get even coverage. But since it actually hurt to use it on my face, that was no big loss.

    FYI, I'm a pro MUA and wash my brushes gently & carefully- I have brushes that are 15 years old and are perfect- from the ferrule up anyway :) so I know it was of no fault of my own- just a bad brush! Just thought I'd share.

  2. @Jessica I have dry skin too but this doesn't seem to bother it much, I just build it up then spritz a little MAC Fix+ and it takes away the powder look really nicely!

    I agree on the brush, I got one free with the starter kit and it is very scratchy! I would never have bought it on it's own.


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