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Chunky Bling Jewelry review... shinies yes please!

By 7/19/2011

So a while back I was offered a chance to check out Chunky Bling, I'd never heard of them before so I went to look on their site. They have rings, bracelets, necklaces, and watches... some with beading some with crystals and some combined. I went for the Swarovski Green Palace Ring because well... I love green and as a crow I certainly love the shinies! The person I spoke with was very nice, let me know what was going on before I knew it I had my ring.

It came wrapped in this pink paper (I used my camera phone for this since I couldn't find my camera). Very neatly wrapped.
Inside that it was in a tiny plastic baggie that was wrapped with bubble wrap.
Inside that I had a gorgeous sparkling ring! The band is made of beads and elastic band material, it fits any of my fingers perfectly so I can wear it however I want to. I love the way the green beads look and of course I love the shining Swarovski crystals! The cost of this ring is $12.95 currently.

I definitely want to purchase a necklaces or bracelet as I lack jewelry (besides my wedding ring I don't wear much). The prices are very reasonable and you can even build your own watch on the site by mixing and matching parts. :)

Beaded Watches

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  1. What a cute ring, I love green :)

    Love Christine ♥

  2. Sorry, I don't like rings with shining crystals, I prefer simple designs. The colour is great and the prize too.


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