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Glamour Doll Eyes Haul

By 7/24/2011 , ,

 Here's a few things I got a little while ago, I need to try them out yet but from the swatching I can already say "Wow, sparkling gorgeous!".

My favorites out of this one are Recruit, Bird? Plane?, Oddity, and Bruised. Click the banner below to visit Glamour Doll Eyes and purchase products. :)

I think it's also really cool that you can get a "Collection Card" to keep track of what you own. Kudos Glamour Doll Eyes on having that!

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  1. Great haul!!
    I love the shades!

  2. Very nice! Where did you purchase these? How much was each one?

  3. @SahilyAnais MUA I added the banner link in the post, thank you for reminding me! :) As for the price the site is closed for a few days so and I forgot but I think they ranged from $6 - $9 for full size depending on the collection and size it might be less or more.

  4. pretty.
    I LOVE glitter!!!

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