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Wet n Wild Dream Weavers – Limited Edition Color Icon Eyeshadow Trios

By 7/22/2011 , ,

I went looking for these at 3 different store on July 15th when they were supposed to be released... 2 Walgreen's and 1 Mejier's, I came home with nothing and no one seemed to know when or what it was. I was told to try again on Thursday the 21st... I went to one of the Walgreen's first thinking they surely would have it, I came out empty handed. My husband and I were going to see Harry Potter: Deathly Hollows Part 2 and had time to spare so he suggest we hit up the Mejier's just to see.

I figured I wouldn't find them there since Walgreen's didn't have them yet, so I walked in and looked where the Wet n Wild stock was... I didn't find the Dream Weavers. I was sad but I did noticed a sign that said "50% off Wet n Wild" I was thinking at least I'll get something for 50% off. I was going to just grab something when I noticed a stocking lady so I decided "what the hell" and I asked her if she had gotten them in. She took me around to all the end caps and then said she doesn't think they have them.

Defeated I walked with her to one last end cap... looked up and did a tiny dance in my head. I finally found them! There were 1 of each color left plus 3 extras of half the collection. I thought I can't just purchase one of each... they are Limited Edition and supposedly going to be rare. So I gather up all 9 of what was left and asked her if she knew if it was included in the sale, here response was "I don't think so since they are a new item". I decided to get the extras anyway figuring I'd find something to do with the extras, I mean they were only $2.84 each.

So I went up to the self check out and scanned the first one, I ended up doing another little happy dance in my head and cheered when I saw that they scanned for $1.42 each! I ended up with 9 trio palettes for just $13, can't beat that!

Honestly these eyeshadow trios are fantastic, the pigmentation is great. Some can be a little more powdery then others but most all of them go on well. From first look my favorite ones are Bright Idea, Dancing in the Clouds, Enter a New Realm, and Fly Me to the Moon. If you can get your hands on these I would definitely do so! I'm not sure just how rare they will be but I'm going to check Mejier's again before the sale ends and see if they have restocked to grab a few more before they sell out for good.

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  1. Unless their coupon says 'excludes new' or 'excludes LE' I tell them they have to give it to me at the sale price. Walgreens tries to pull that on me many times with WnW.

    You scored!!! Lucky!!!! I'm still searching.

  2. I'm so jealous. Cannot. Find these. Anywhere.

  3. @Kimberly I've not done the coupon thing at Walgreen's I will have to keep an eye on them if I ever do!

    I'm going to try and get an extra set to do a giveaway with because I know a lot of people won't be able to find these. :(

  4. I love wet n wild :D amazing pigmentation

  5. These look so beautiful, love the swatches :)

    Love Christine ♥

  6. Lucky you! To find them and they were on sale!

  7. Enter a New Realm looks great! Finding red eyeshadow is so difficult and it looks great with bluey green eyes like mine! Too bad I live in the UK and we don't get Wet n Wild over here! xx

  8. I'm stalking my CVS's and Walgreens almost daily looking for these. So frustrating!


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