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Day Two Galavanting For Wet n Wild Dreamweaver's...

By 7/23/2011 ,

So because I found out some disappointing news just yesterday, my wonderful husband told me he'd take me to another Meijer's store to see if they had more of the Dreamweaver's collection since it's on sale for 50% off.

I had cleaned out one of the stores near me on one side of town and today we just happened to stop for lunch somewhere so he dropped me off at the entrance to the other one. I couldn't find the display so I again asked someone who took me looking around and she said they didn't have it. So I decided to grab some Wet n Wild anyway since it's on sale.

I grabbed an Eye Makeup Remover, and the Cool as a Cucumber trio, on my way out I noticed some makeup near the Pharmacy so I decided to check the back end-cap. To my surprise there was the display, this one was filled just as much as the other with 3 of each color missing (We're Blasting Off, Enter a New Realm, and Fly Me to the Moon. I was just going to grab back-ups of the ones I like but the husband said he didn't care if I bought them out so I've cleaned out two stores so far (unless they have more stock) lol. So now I have back-ups of the collection, plus some extras for a giveaway in the future (I'm slow on the giveaways because I work 40+ hours and take care of a home along with everyday trials, hopefully everyone can understand if it takes longer to get things out as well as get decisions made).

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  1. This collection looks so pretty, really love all the shades :)

    Love Christine ♥


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