Sunday, January 29, 2012

Makeup Tutorial - Premonition using Glamour Doll Eyes

  • Glamour Doll Eyes Control Freak Primer
  • Glamour Doll Eyes Dear Mom
  • Glamour Doll Eyes Premonition
  • Glamour Doll Eyes Urban Trash
  • MAC Eye Kohl in Fascinating
  • MAC Eye Kohl in Feline
  • MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
  • Lashem Double Trouble Mascara

  • Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Pink Plum
  • Purminerals 4-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup in Porcelain

  • Glamour Doll Eyes Juliet Lip Gloss


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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wet n Wild 2012 Color Icon Single Shadows - Review

Recently when I stopped by my local super market I came across some new Wet n Wild Color Icon Singles. I only grabbed 5 of them but I believe they had a few more then that to choose from, I know they had a pink one as well as a white one.

The ones I bought were not in any special packaging although I know some places have these singles packaged with an eyeliner pencil. The ones I purchased cost me $1.89 each at my local Meijer's, I'm not sure how much they are selling other places however.

Anyway onto the photos!

No Flash, No Base, Swatched with my finger

With Flash, No Base, Swatched with my finger

Comparison with Flash, No Base, Swatched with my finger

Price:  $1.89 at my local Meijer's, I believe the price is the same most place or close.

Pros:  I LOVE these single shadows, the pigmentation is amazing, the shades are gorgeous, the price is fantastic, and Panther is one of the darkest black shadows I have ever come across! If you see these at your local store definitely grab them (especially Panther and Stagedive!!).

Cons: Honestly I don't see any cons to these shadows, the price is right, the pigmentation is right, the only thing that someone might not like is the normal powdery texture of some. I did not however really notice any to be powdery in the ones I grabbed.

Would I purchase again?:
  Absolutely!! These shadows are great for the price, the pigmentation is there, the quality is there and I cannot stress how dark Panther is!! I mean look at them with no base and one swipe!

PRODUCT : 10/10 
TEXTURE : 10/10 
LONGEVITY : 10/10 
PRICE : 5/5 

Monday, January 23, 2012

*****Closed***** January Giveaway!

January's giveaway is going to be the Kat Von D Metal Orchestra Palette, this was a Limited Edition Palette and is getting tough to find from what I can tell.


  • 1 Kat Von D True Romance Metal Orchestra Palette


The Giveaway will start today January 23rd, 2012 and go until February 23th, 2012 at 11:59pm EST.

One entry form per person!!! If you mess up then send me a tweet or e-mail asking me to delete the old form.

This giveaway is Open International as well.
If an International winner wins they will be responsible for paying any additional customs charges on the prize package.  

Package is no longer my responsibility once it has been mailed. If the winner does not respond to my e-mails before package is sent regardless of if it is a question or not (I give at least a week or two to respond) I will not be sending it, if package does not arrive and is returned unless it was my own error I am not responsible (this does not include if you suddenly move and regret to inform me/forward your mail). A new prize winner will not be chosen during that giveaway if package had been sent and returned, it will be put towards a future giveaway. I spend my own money on these prizes and unless noted and I will not have it wasted by paying $5-13 on shipping and having it returned. I do enjoy giveaways for you guys but I also want people to understand I am not rich, this takes away from my own personal things at times.

If you are under 18 you must have your parents permission to enter this/receive packages.

The winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter.
The winner will be notified via e-mail, you must respond within 48 hours of the e-mail or another winner will be chosen at.  Once the winner is chosen there is no set time of delivery, it depends upon what is going on in my personal life. I will try to mail the package out right away but during busy times this may take longer, please remember this is a free item(s) that you are getting I am not obligated (unless it is a sponsored giveaway) to mail them out within a certain period of time.

Featured on Xsparkage Today!!!

So when I first started getting interested in makeup Xsparkage was one of the first Youtuber's that I followed. I love her colorful and creative looks and looked forward to every tutorial/video that she posted each week.

I'm so excited to have one of my looks featured as her "Guest Looks" this week!

I'm sure most everyone has heard of Xsparkage, if you haven't though you should definitely go check out her site/youtube! A lot of my looks come from inspiration from her looks and she also offers tips, reviews, and the latest beauty release info as well. :)

Check out her sites below:!/xsparkage

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Glamour Doll Eyes Valentine Set 2012 - First Look

On January 15th Glamour Doll Eyes released a Valentine's Day Set, this set was Limited Edition (60 total released). I stalked the website per usual and was lucky enough to get one of them, this set sold for $26.

I still have the Halloween Set 1 to swatch along with the Holiday Set 1 and 2 to swatch (still really behind).

Anyway onto the photos!

The difference for this set from the other ones released is this one included a tower of shadows, mini pink Control Freak, mini Foil Me, mini Lip Gloss, and Eyelight.

Did you grab one? If so what do you think of it?

Geek Chic Cosmetics - First Look

So a while back around October (yes I am that far behind!) I placed my first order with Geek Chic Cosmetics. Geek Chic is a home based Indie company that specializes in making products inspired by... well Geek stuff of course.

The shadows and other products they make are named with such inspirations as Video Games, Card Games, Sci-Fi Shows, Books, ect. So to sum it up this company specializes in channeling your inner geek (or outer in my case)!

Anyway onto the photos!

Yes I ordered around Halloween, How can you tell?

I ended up with two samples of Drood, maybe they know I play one, or two?

I'll have a review up soon with swatches and my thoughts!

Do you own anything from Geek Chic Cosmetics? What's your favorites?

And since I'm on the subject of Geek, my current shirt choice of the day.

Also thank you to KittenMittens who pointed out that this is a fitting post for a fitting 1337 Followers (still half asleep myself lol)!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush - Review

Last week I stopped at my local Walgreen's to pick up the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24-Hour Eyeshadows and I happened upon these new Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush. I don't own a TON of blushes really since my collection consist of mainly eye products but I thought the shades looked pretty so I grabbed two of them.

They had these blushes for Buy One Get One 50% Off which is why I picked up two of them, they retail there for $6.99 so I got the second for half off that.

Anyway onto the photos!

Taken with flash

No flash, taken under indirect sunlight

What the site says:

Product Details

Why You'll Love It


Freshest flush ever:
• Revolutionary gel formula provides a new bouncy texture.
• Lightweight like a powder, yet melts seamlessly into skin like a cream
• Natural sheer wash of color that is buildable for greater color intensity
• Dermatologist tested, Allergy tested
• Non comedogenic

For Best Results


With your fingertips, blend a small amount of blush onto the apples of your cheeks, applying from your cheekbones to your temples. To build color intensity, apply more blush."

Note: Not all skin types may have the same reaction to this product as myself, so you may not have the same results as me as far as wear time, ect.

Price:  $6.99 at Walgreen's, may vary at different locations/stores. Seems to be on par with other drugstore brands. (The display picture I took was from a different store though)

Pros:  I found this is very lightweight feeling, it is buildable, it does seem to melt seamlessly when I apply it. It also doesn't bother my sensitive skin, ome people have said it's not very bendable but I personally had no issues with this.

Cons: Honestly I found no con for this blush, I really love how it feels and looks on my skin. I have heard that the pigmentation may not be enough for darker skin tones though, I personally can not put this as a con because I haven't been able to test that aspect out. They have 10 different shades of these ranging from pink, coral, to brown tones.

Would I purchase again?:  Absolutely!! I love these blushes, the way it feels on my skin and shades I picked up look great on my pale skin as well. I plan on trying to purchase the others when I can talk the husband into letting me splurge.

PRODUCT : 10/10 
TEXTURE : 10/10 
LONGEVITY : 10/10 
PRICE : 5/5 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Recent Makeup Hauls and Wins... Someday I Will Catch Up!

This is just a post of recent stuff I've gotten or had luck enough to get.

To start off I just got a package from a Giveaway I won, I think it's funny because a couple days before I found out I won the Giveaway I was about to purchase the Urban Decay Naked Palette but decided to hold off due to funds.

I'll have a post on each of these palettes along with an First Look post stating where I won it (seriously love the site because of all the great posts for reviews, products, ect!).

When the Husband and I went grocery shopping on Monday he let me run a muck in the beauty section and I walked past this other display they had with a TON of stuff. I was in a hurry so I think I missed a few things. I ended up grabbing 5 of the new eyeshadows though, I'll be sure to post swatches and reviews shortly.

Somethings that weren't from this store but from Walgreen's on a display sort of like this that I picked up as well.

Also not from this display from that particular store but this is what the display looks like, I actually got two from my local Walgreen's for Buy One get One Half Off Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes.

And again from Walgreen's for Buy One get One Half Off, Maybelline Color Tattoo 24-Hour Eyeshadows.

And last but not least I went back to my local Sephora to see if they had anymore of the Kat Von D Metal Orchestra palettes but when that was a bust I impulse bought the Benefit Hervana Blush.

I also have some Evil Shades Cosmetics stuff to finish swatching and reviewing, Geek Chic Cosmetics, Morgana Cryptoria Haul, as well as other things like Glamour Doll Eyes Holiday sets (Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines), plus more!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wet n Wild 2012 Collection - First Look

A week or so ago I stopped at my local Walgreen's to get some things and of course I went browsing the makeup department. When I turned a corner on saw this end cap display for the new Wet n Wild 2012 collection.

I of course had to pick up a couple things, I wanted to grab some of the lipsticks but for some reason I decided to wait to grab them.

Anyway here are the things I picked up!

I picked up the lightest shade of Color Icon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana, retails for $3.99.

I also grabbed a Juicy Lip Balm in Raspberry, retails for $2.99.

I'll have a review and more swatches when I've had a chance to really test these outs.

Do you own these? What do you think of?