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Adore Me Intimates - Review

By 1/09/2012 ,

Adore me Intimates is basically a monthly membership to buy lingerie and have it hand picked for you to fit your profile. You start by creating a profile and taking a quick survey or test about what appeals to you in the department of intimates.

I found the site easy to navigate, the showroom that was picked out for me after taking the quiz was very accurate on items I personally would pick out and it matched my personality 100%. Once I had done the quiz the Showroom was ready for me the next morning.

The cost per set is $39.95 and includes free shipping, I placed my order on December 6th, 2011 later in the evening and got my shipping notice on December 8th, 2011. I received my order on December 12th, 2011 so shipping was fast. It was shipped USPS.

My outfit came package in a cute little white box with the company name printed on the top, the item was neatly wrapped in pink tissue paper and sealed with a sticker as well which added a nice touch to the whole thing. The outfit itself was definitely as described on the website and was exactly what I like in my intimate items.

The fit was very accurate to the size and the product itself is very nice quality, there are a ton of choices on the site and you can choose items outside your showroom as well.

What is Adore Me? In their words: 

"We are different than other lingerie brands because Adore Me is a subscription based eCommerce website, that offers women a personalized selection of lingerie, picked by professional Stylists each month! Price is a steal at only $39.95 per lingerie set, free shipping, free exchanges."

For further information on this check out their How it Works page.

According to the site if you wish not to purchase an item in a month and avoid the monthly $39.95 charge, all you have to is opt out of that month on the site. If you are charged the $39.95 in a month because you say forgot then you can apply that amount towards a future purchase within 12 months.

Check out their site for more information on how it all works! 

Price:  $39.95 per set or month, you must opt out to avoid this charge if you do not purchase anything. 

Pros:  Showroom selected for your personality each month, $39.95 per set with free shipping, tons of outfits to choose from. 

Cons:  The only con I could think of for this is the fact you have to call to cancel the membership, sometimes I don't have time to call and would just like the option to cancel on the site itself. Other then that the fact I can use any built up credit within 12 months for future purchases kind of makes up for any "forgetful" moments I might have. 

Would I join again?  I am definitely going to try them out again! Currently I'm not able to splurge on this but I would love to try it out again and I've already got my eye on a January outfit in my showroom that I really want! Just need to see if the husband will let me splurge eventually lol.

PRODUCT : 10/10
FIT : 5/5
PRICE : 5/5
For more information on the brand check out their site
Disclaimer: Some product(s)  shown in this post may have been provided by the brand or their PR  representative for potential review or use. For more information, please  read the Disclosure  Policy.

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  1. I became a member ever since they had that Facebook promotion where I got a free set, and I must say: I was very impressed with the quality of their lingerie. I'm definitely going to order again in the near future.

  2. I ordered my set for christmas and my husband loved it. This month I purchased Melanie and I love it!!
    I can't wait to see my February selection.

  3. I love to have a personalized showroom for lingerie! So sexy! And the fact that I don't have to buy every month is really convenient.

    I will most likely try it because their collection looks really cute :)

  4. Looks yummy!!
    Especially for my fiance :))

  5. I am addicted to lingerie, so I am definitely going to give it a shot - their collection is really cute !!!

  6. What a great idea for lingerie! I currently can't get enough of it looks like I might get addicted to another great membership site.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I love the pink contrast. Super cute.


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