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Wet n Wild 2012 Color Icon Single Shadows - Review

By 1/24/2012 , , ,

Recently when I stopped by my local super market I came across some new Wet n Wild Color Icon Singles. I only grabbed 5 of them but I believe they had a few more then that to choose from, I know they had a pink one as well as a white one.

The ones I bought were not in any special packaging although I know some places have these singles packaged with an eyeliner pencil. The ones I purchased cost me $1.89 each at my local Meijer's, I'm not sure how much they are selling other places however.

Anyway onto the photos!

No Flash, No Base, Swatched with my finger

With Flash, No Base, Swatched with my finger

Comparison with Flash, No Base, Swatched with my finger

Price:  $1.89 at my local Meijer's, I believe the price is the same most place or close.

Pros:  I LOVE these single shadows, the pigmentation is amazing, the shades are gorgeous, the price is fantastic, and Panther is one of the darkest black shadows I have ever come across! If you see these at your local store definitely grab them (especially Panther and Stagedive!!).

Cons: Honestly I don't see any cons to these shadows, the price is right, the pigmentation is right, the only thing that someone might not like is the normal powdery texture of some. I did not however really notice any to be powdery in the ones I grabbed.

Would I purchase again?:
  Absolutely!! These shadows are great for the price, the pigmentation is there, the quality is there and I cannot stress how dark Panther is!! I mean look at them with no base and one swipe!

PRODUCT : 10/10 
TEXTURE : 10/10 
LONGEVITY : 10/10 
PRICE : 5/5 

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  1. These look so pretty, Im especially loving the blue eyeshadow, it looks gorgeous :)

  2. I always stayed away from Wet n' Wild in the drugstores because I figured that for such a cheap price, the makeup would be really low quality. I'm really impressed by them, though! The pigmentation looks really fantastic. I'll probably have to pick some up myself!


  3. LOVE the colour icon - sadly, Canada misses out on a LOT of the collections from WnW.

  4. Oh my goodness! The blue and gold shadows are SO gorgeous! These have great pigmentation. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I don't have a favorite foundation yet, i just keep trying till i find the perfect one ;)


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