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Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express Kit - Review

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Quite a while back I was sent the Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express Kit for Eyes and Brows, this wasn't the first time for me owning an Anastasia Beverly Hills kit though. I had actually gotten a kit a long time ago and used it to groom my brows, I stopped using it for a bit because I actually gave it to my mother who didn't know how to shape her brows properly. She had mentioned she wanted to try and get them to look nicer so I gave up my stencils to her.

Anyway onto the photos!

Swatched on bare skin no base

The kit comes with 5 different stencils for 5 different brow sizes and arches, a brush for putting the powder through your brows, brow wax for holding the brows in place, 2 shades of brow powder, and 2 shades of eye shadow. It also comes with instructions on how to groom your brows.



I used the Medium Arch stencil to shape my brows, I really love this kit as it is easy to use and keeps me from having to pay someone $15+ to shape my brows for me.

Price:  $39.50 for the kit at Anastasia Beverly Hills

Pros:  Allows me to shape my brows without paying $15+ for someone else to do it for me each time. Comes with instructions and everything you need which makes an easy to use kit. The price is reasonable considering I can use it multiple times and last a long time.

Cons: The only con I could see is this kit only comes in Blonde or Brunette, when I dye my hair black I like to use an extremely dark shade for my brows. It would be nice if the kits came in a darker range of color. This really isn't a huge deal for people who like to have a more natural brow shade so I wouldn't necessarily say it's a reason not to buy it as I still love it for shaping my brows.

Would I order Again:  Absolutely!! I love the fact it's got everything I need for a perfect brow and I don't have to shell out money every time I want to clean up the growth!

PRODUCT : 10/10 
TEXTURE : 10/10 
LONGEVITY : 10/10 
PRICE : 5/5 

For more information on the brand check out their site

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  1. I LOVE this set! I agree with you though- I dye my hair a platinum shade and the lightest blonde shade is still fairly dark. I found that the brow wax wasn't very goo either.


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