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Wet n Wild 2012 Collection - First Look

By 1/14/2012 , ,

A week or so ago I stopped at my local Walgreen's to get some things and of course I went browsing the makeup department. When I turned a corner on saw this end cap display for the new Wet n Wild 2012 collection.

I of course had to pick up a couple things, I wanted to grab some of the lipsticks but for some reason I decided to wait to grab them.

Anyway here are the things I picked up!

I picked up the lightest shade of Color Icon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana, retails for $3.99.

I also grabbed a Juicy Lip Balm in Raspberry, retails for $2.99.

I'll have a review and more swatches when I've had a chance to really test these outs.

Do you own these? What do you think of?

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  1. All of the Walgreens near me are seriously lacking when it comes to Wet N Wild, but I'm keeping an eye on them just in case they finally catch up and get the new display in!

  2. This makes me wish I had wet n wild in my country!

  3. I'll be on the look out for that bronzer. I want it!

  4. Unfortunately, WnW isnt sold in our country. Which is a total shame because they have some amazing products. Im really looking forward to a review about the lipbalm :)

  5. I'm so jealous of those prices! We had Wet N Wild in Canada when I was little, and just recently got it again in the last year or so (at least in my parts), but the prices are pretty steep for them.


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