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Featured on Xsparkage Today!!!

By 1/23/2012

So when I first started getting interested in makeup Xsparkage was one of the first Youtuber's that I followed. I love her colorful and creative looks and looked forward to every tutorial/video that she posted each week.

I'm so excited to have one of my looks featured as her "Guest Looks" this week!

I'm sure most everyone has heard of Xsparkage, if you haven't though you should definitely go check out her site/youtube! A lot of my looks come from inspiration from her looks and she also offers tips, reviews, and the latest beauty release info as well. :)

Check out her sites below:!/xsparkage

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  1. I saw that! I love the look of yours that was featured. Congratulations!

  2. ooo congratulations! you are internet make up sueprfamous :)

  3. Love it, and i'm always trying to recreate your looks. Could you do a quick post on the camera you use, your photos are awesome.

  4. congrats!! She was the person who I learned how to do my eyeshadow! I love her videos!

  5. My fav foundation is by MaxFactor, but I also like Elizabeth Arden
    Thank you for this beautiful giveaway!


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