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By 5/12/2013

Nothing To Disclose

As you may know already from my prior post I have recently gone part-time at work for family reasons, of course with this also comes the ability to spend more time on writing for my blog as well which is a major plus.

Anyway as you also might notice I am currently working on redesigning the website as well, with that being said it's probably going to look pretty unfinished until I can figure out how to tweak some of the things I need to. I also have to add in the menu information again which I plan on doing later today (I spent pretty much a full day on just trying to change font color/style without destroying the coding lol).

I'll also be working on some past giveaways to finally pick the winners, as you know this can take a while to verify all info and I've been pretty busy in real life with other things which is why I am so far behind.

Hope you are all having an amazing day!

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  1. Great to see you back in action. I missed your makeup style and would love to see more looks from you or even a tutorial if you can, but don't stress on it.


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