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Glamour Doll Eyes - Matte²: Masculine Collection - First Look

By 5/19/2013 , ,

Glamour Doll Eyes

On June 21st Glamour Doll Eyes is releasing a brand new collection called Matte²: Masculine, the set will consist of 10 shadows with matte bases. The twist is the collection has added some sheen/shifts to the matte bases to give them a little kick, I will have a review and swatch post up in the next week or so as well.

Anyway onto the photos!

Price: $40 per set.

Will you be getting this set? What color(s) are you loving?

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  1. They look awesome :D I'm sure you'll create a lot of great looks with these ;)

  2. Love all of them! Especially Fearless, Irrational and Thoughtless (L)

    Greetings from Spain ^^


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