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Glamour Doll Eyes - Born of Illusion Collection - Review & Swatches - Limited Edition

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Today Glamour Doll Eyes is releasing a Limited Edition collection in collaboration with the new book coming out by author Teri Brown. The collection is called Born of illusion and it releases today May 15th and will only be sold until July 1st, 2013 so if you are interested in the shadow collection be sure to pick it up before it's gone.

Anyway onto the photos!

dark, almost black grey with multi colored shimmers

pearlescent white

dark royal blue
My Thoughts:  These shadows are definitely on par with the quality I find with Glamour Doll Eyes previous shadows/collections. I find the most unique of the bunch is Deception and probably my favorite (although I'm all about blues so Levitation is my second favorite!).  I am definitely glad I purchased this set and again these are limited edition and only being sold until July 1st, so pick them up if you are interested before it's too late.

Price: $15.00

Are you planning on picking these up? What's your favorite color(s)?

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