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Maybelline - Color Tattoo Eyeshadows - Fall 2012 - Set 1 - First Look - Limited Edition

By 5/17/2013 , ,

I Bought This

In fall of 2012 Maybelline released a set of more neutral limited edition Color Tattoo Eyeshadows, I missed out on those but recently I had found the 2nd set they released for Fall of bright shades so I had to get the neutral set as well.  Of course they are sold out everywhere since it was a while ago so I ended up turning to eBay and found a fairly decent price on them. The things I do to finish a collection and own all the things! I will have a review and swatches up later on, I know these are still purchasable on eBay is the only reason I'm doing these posts.

Anyway onto the photos!

Did you purchase any of these? What's your favorite shade(s)?

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  1. I have these shades. My favorite is Mossy Green. :)

  2. the first color is very pretty! I don't think they have this color yet here..:(


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