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Urban Decay - Vice Palette - Limited Edition - First Look

By 2/04/2013 , ,

I'm really behind on getting in on this one, even so I still wanted to show it because it's still available for purchase on eBay and possibly even some stores. I mulled over this one forever and almost lost out on purchasing it, but from what I've heard and read I'm extremely glad I ended up getting it.

I'll go into more detail and have swatch pictures up and a review in the next week, I have quite a bit to work on this week but if I happen to get a chance I'll do the swatches sooner.

Anyway onto the photos!

Do you own this palette? What's your favorite color(s) from it?

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  1. I am going to be forever kicking myself for not asking for this for Christmas. Maybe I can still pick it up for a reasonable price on eBay, such a stunning looking collection of colours!

  2. Don't have it but might get it since I love the shadows

  3. Lovely colors and lovely palette :)


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