Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Featured on Vintage or Tacky!

I've been watching Cora on Youtube ever since I can remember (2008) when I first got into makeup, I love the fact she's so funny and just has these fantastic tutorials on makeup along with tips to help improve my makeup skills.

Anyway tonight I am featured as a guest poster on her website, so excited!!

If you haven't checked out her blog/youtube definitely go over there and check it out! :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Wet n Wild - Mega Last Lip Color - First Look

Recently I got the chance to try out the Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color, I'd seen them in the store but not picked them up because I had instead bought the Mega Shield Lip Colors instead. I love the ones of those that I had so I was excited to try out these as well.

Anyway onto the photos!

I will have more product photos as well as swatches and a review posted sometime in the next few days!

Disclaimer: Some product(s)  shown in this post may have been provided by the brand or their PR  representative for potential review or use. For more information, please  read the Disclosure  Policy.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring is Coming MAC Giveaway!!

So for this giveaway I decided to do a MAC Cosmetics giveaway, this giveaway is also to celebrate that spring is on it's way.

  • 1 MAC Lipstick (winner's choice from normal line)
  • 1 MAC Pigment (winner's choice from normal line)
  • 1 MAC Paint Pot (winner's choice from normal line)
(I will consider the Limited Edition items if they are the same cost as the normal ones)


The Giveaway will start today February 26th, 2012 and go until April 26th, 2012 at 11:59pm EST. (going longer since it's for spring!)

This giveaway is Open International as well.
If an International winner wins they will be responsible for paying any additional customs charges on the prize package. 

Package is no longer my responsibility once it has been mailed. If the winner does not respond to my e-mails before package is sent regardless of if it is a question or not (I give at least a week or two to respond) I will not be sending it, if package does not arrive and is returned unless it was my own error I am not responsible (this does not include if you suddenly move and regret to inform me/forward your mail). A new prize winner will not be chosen during that giveaway if package had been sent and returned, it will be put towards a future giveaway. I spend my own money on these prizes and unless noted and I will not have it wasted by paying $5-13 on shipping and having it returned. I do enjoy giveaways for you guys but I also want people to understand I am not rich, this takes away from my own personal things at times.

If you are under 18 you must have your parents permission to enter this/receive packages.

The winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter.
The winner will be notified via e-mail, you must respond within 48 hours of the e-mail or another winner will be chosen at.  Once the winner is chosen there is no set time of delivery, it depends upon what is going on in my personal life. I will try to mail the package out right away but during busy times this may take longer, please remember this is a free item(s) that you are getting I am not obligated (unless it is a sponsored giveaway) to mail them out within a certain period of time.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Milani Cosmetics - Haute Flash Lipgloss - Review

Recently I got the chance to try out the Milani Cosmetics Haute Flash Lipglosses, I had been wanting to get them for a while but they never had them in the stores I would go to. They did just get them at my local Mejier's which is really great because I have a feeling I'm going to want back ups!

Anyway onto the photos!

What the site says
Product Description:
· Full coverage, electrifying pigmented color · Extra glossy shimmer finish · Non-tacky, anti-feathering formula · Flexible soft sponge applicator for easy application

Price:  $7.49 for Net WT. 0.18 OZ / 5g e

Pros:  These are definitely full coverage, the pigmentation is amazing, they are pretty much the same as MAC Dare to Wear Lipglass which is awesome because the prices is way more reasonable and these are not limited edition. I don't find them to be tacky, although they do have a VERY slight sticky feeling it's not like a gross sticky. They wear well (I tend to lick my lips/bite them) so on me it just varies but if I don't do that much I find them lasting through drinking/eating without much fading. These have a really nice scent to them to almost reminds me of the MAC scent which is a plus because I love that scent.

I didn't find any cons, I really love these.

Milani Cosmetics Haute Flash Lipgloss

Formula: Standard lipgloss comparable to MAC Dare to Wear
Coverage: Extremely Pigmented
Wear:  Standard wear 
Shade Info: Available in 6 shades
Cost: $7.49
Availability: Available at www.milanicosmetics.com
Packaging:  Standard slim lipgloss tube, soft flat sponge applicator
My Rating : 10/10

Do you own any of these? What's your favorite(s)?

Friday, February 24, 2012

January Giveaway Winner

Since the January giveaway was run with a widget called rafflecopter, it has made it super easy to pick a winner.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

E-mail Hacked

If you have gotten an e-mail from that says something along the lines of having an opportunity, sharing the wealth, have to share this with you, ect.  It is NOT from me, my e-mail address was compromised!

I have since changed all of my information but please do not open anything that was sent out around 12:16am on the 21st.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Evil Shades Cosmetics - Eyeshadows - Review

A while back I placed a small order for samples from Evil Shades Cosmetics, I'd seen quite a few posts from fellow bloggers with tempting swatches. Anyway I placed an order back in the fall (yes I am that far behind, again one day I will get caught up! Gotta love a wedding followed by moving lol) when the Halloween 2011 collection was out so some of these shadows are no longer available.

Anyway onto the photos!

I love the cute packaging/character!

Left: UDPP Right: Pixie Epoxy

Left: UDPP Right: Pixie Epoxy

Left: UDPP Right: Pixie Epoxy


Left: UDPP Right: Pixie Epoxy

Left: UDPP Right: Pixie Epoxy

My cats lost this one before I could swatch :(

Left: UDPP Right: Pixie Epoxy

Left: UDPP Right: Pixie Epoxy

Price:  $1.75 1 gram in a clamshell, $5.00 5 gram jar, $9.00 approximately 7 grams in a 10 gram jar.

Pros:  Gorgeous shadows, great pigmentation, and the price is good.  Shipping was fast, everything packaged in a cute little hot pink pouch. Wears well, texture is nice, and blends well. I absoltely love Zombie Moon, Seraphic, and Faerie Dance gorgeous shadows!!!

Cons:  The only thing that I could say is a con is the clamshell  sample packaging, I'd pay a little more for a normal sample jar. I'm usually careful with opening my shadows but these can be tricky especially if you're sometimes clumsy. Definitely not a reason to not order though, just more of a personal preference.

Evil Shades Cosmetics Eyeshadows

Formula: Standard mineral shadow
Coverage: Very Pigmented
Wear:  Standard wear with primer
Shade Info: Available in several shades
Cost: $1.75 to $9.00 depending on size
Availability: Available at www.evilshades.com
Packaging:  Clamshell, 5 gram jar, or 10 gram jar
My Rating : 9.5/10

Do you own any Evil Shades Cosmetics? What's your favorites?