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Featured on Vintage or Tacky!

By 2/28/2012

I've been watching Cora on Youtube ever since I can remember (2008) when I first got into makeup, I love the fact she's so funny and just has these fantastic tutorials on makeup along with tips to help improve my makeup skills.

Anyway tonight I am featured as a guest poster on her website, so excited!!

If you haven't checked out her blog/youtube definitely go over there and check it out! :)

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  1. Cora is soo awesome, I love her tutorials because my eyes have the same shape as hers. Ive learned so much from her. Great that you got featured! Its such a gorgeous look

  2. Cora is awesome, I've been subscribed to her for a long time! Wow the look you chose is gorgeous Amy, you definitely deserve being featured on Cora's blog :) x


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