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Evil Shades Cosmetics - Eyeshadows - Review

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A while back I placed a small order for samples from Evil Shades Cosmetics, I'd seen quite a few posts from fellow bloggers with tempting swatches. Anyway I placed an order back in the fall (yes I am that far behind, again one day I will get caught up! Gotta love a wedding followed by moving lol) when the Halloween 2011 collection was out so some of these shadows are no longer available.

Anyway onto the photos!

I love the cute packaging/character!

Left: UDPP Right: Pixie Epoxy

Left: UDPP Right: Pixie Epoxy

Left: UDPP Right: Pixie Epoxy


Left: UDPP Right: Pixie Epoxy

Left: UDPP Right: Pixie Epoxy

My cats lost this one before I could swatch :(

Left: UDPP Right: Pixie Epoxy

Left: UDPP Right: Pixie Epoxy

Price:  $1.75 1 gram in a clamshell, $5.00 5 gram jar, $9.00 approximately 7 grams in a 10 gram jar.

Pros:  Gorgeous shadows, great pigmentation, and the price is good.  Shipping was fast, everything packaged in a cute little hot pink pouch. Wears well, texture is nice, and blends well. I absoltely love Zombie Moon, Seraphic, and Faerie Dance gorgeous shadows!!!

Cons:  The only thing that I could say is a con is the clamshell  sample packaging, I'd pay a little more for a normal sample jar. I'm usually careful with opening my shadows but these can be tricky especially if you're sometimes clumsy. Definitely not a reason to not order though, just more of a personal preference.

Evil Shades Cosmetics Eyeshadows

Formula: Standard mineral shadow
Coverage: Very Pigmented
Wear:  Standard wear with primer
Shade Info: Available in several shades
Cost: $1.75 to $9.00 depending on size
Availability: Available at
Packaging:  Clamshell, 5 gram jar, or 10 gram jar
My Rating : 9.5/10

Do you own any Evil Shades Cosmetics? What's your favorites?

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  1. Lovely swatches :) I <3 Evil Shades.

  2. Love the look of Nixies and Zombie Moon! I have to agree with you about the clamshells, I much prefer jars.

  3. These all look gorgeous but omg, Zombie Moon..... need it. I have 2 samples of ES, a blush and an eyeshadow, which I like. I will definitely be checking them out further sometime! Thanks for the swatches! :)

  4. Pretty eyeshadows! I don't have any evil shades but I think I need to order some day because these swatches are fabulous :D

  5. I just purchased heartless queen eyeshadow and fearless lipstick, along with many samples and I can't wait to get my sticky brushes into them. The crazy coloured lips really attracted me to this cool brand.


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