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MAC Cosmetics Haul

By 2/07/2012 ,

I haven't been as active in ordering from MAC Cosmetics, mainly because I own so much already from them I've been dabbling with other companies. Also the fact most of their collections they release are Limited Edition so I save for what I really want/cannot live without from them because otherwise I'd be broke!

Recently I got excited about the new collection Vera that was releasing, mainly because the Crushed Pigments (Butterfly Party to be exact) are colors I absolutely love! I ended up placing an ordering as soon as it was available to me.

Anyway onto the pictures!

I was sad when I opened up my package because Sunday Afternoon Face Powder did not survive the trip and exploded all over everything. 

As you can see it was no longer recognizable and what was left was just a huge mess. I immediately contacted MAC about this and they told me they would send out a replacement right away with 2 day shipping. That is one thing I give MAC is that I've never had any issue if there was a problem with my order, of all the times I've placed one (about 20 or more) I've only had 2 problems.

I did take the powder and repressed it into something... I'm not quite sure what it is, it's almost like a hybrid highlighter/blush. Anyway I'll have swatches and more product photos up soon and hopefully should receive my replacement Sunday Afternoon Powder before then.

I ordered the following items:

Aloha Crushed Metallic Pigments
Butterfly Party Crushed Metallic Pigments x2
Strawberry Patch Crushed Metallic Pigments
Sunday Afternoon Pearlmatte Face Powder
Mineralize Skinfinish Light
Emerald Dusk Pigment
Florida Cremeblend Blush
Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre

Did you order anything from the new collections? What do you think of them?

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  1. I actually ordered a bunch of stuff, but it's not here yet. Quick Sizzle lipstick, Shop & drop quad, Added Goodness & Midnight Snack fluidlines, Butterfly Party, Petrol Blue liner, and Charged Water Cleanser. I thought about Strawberry Patch and Florida, but ended up passing. I have the skinfinish in light and Azalea blossom and they're both lovely :)

  2. Azalea Blossom is so super pretty, I really want to grab it but am trying to restrain myself.e

  3. Hi! I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! x


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