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Milani Cosmetics - Haute Flash Lipgloss - Review

By 2/25/2012 , , ,

Recently I got the chance to try out the Milani Cosmetics Haute Flash Lipglosses, I had been wanting to get them for a while but they never had them in the stores I would go to. They did just get them at my local Mejier's which is really great because I have a feeling I'm going to want back ups!

Anyway onto the photos!

What the site says
Product Description:
· Full coverage, electrifying pigmented color · Extra glossy shimmer finish · Non-tacky, anti-feathering formula · Flexible soft sponge applicator for easy application

Price:  $7.49 for Net WT. 0.18 OZ / 5g e

Pros:  These are definitely full coverage, the pigmentation is amazing, they are pretty much the same as MAC Dare to Wear Lipglass which is awesome because the prices is way more reasonable and these are not limited edition. I don't find them to be tacky, although they do have a VERY slight sticky feeling it's not like a gross sticky. They wear well (I tend to lick my lips/bite them) so on me it just varies but if I don't do that much I find them lasting through drinking/eating without much fading. These have a really nice scent to them to almost reminds me of the MAC scent which is a plus because I love that scent.

I didn't find any cons, I really love these.

Milani Cosmetics Haute Flash Lipgloss

Formula: Standard lipgloss comparable to MAC Dare to Wear
Coverage: Extremely Pigmented
Wear:  Standard wear 
Shade Info: Available in 6 shades
Cost: $7.49
Availability: Available at
Packaging:  Standard slim lipgloss tube, soft flat sponge applicator
My Rating : 10/10

Do you own any of these? What's your favorite(s)?

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  1. I've been seeing these swatched but can't find them around where I live. AGGGHHH! *shakes fist in air*

  2. they look like they have glitter in them is the glitter chunky or can you feel it on your lips they look amazing :) :)

  3. @Lady Bethezda Yeah I couldn't find them in my area till just a few weeks ago either. Hopefully one of the places near you gets them soon!

    @Nina I didn't feel any gritty glitter feeling with these!

  4. These look lovely.
    Is it bad that I want all of them?

  5. I've been curious about these ever since they released, but I've never seen decent swatches - I'm LOVING your post, and now I have in mind which ones I want to pick up ASAP! :)

  6. hot flash and in a flash both need to make their way into my arsenal! great pics

  7. These are so gorgeous! In a Flash is calling my name!

  8. Wow these colours are amazing. I'll have to add these to my collection for sure.

  9. Woah! I'm deciding a swap with an american girl and that IN A FLASH is something I can't avoid to drool on! :O°°°°

  10. I absolutely love these, I have Hot Flash and Flashy. The colour coverage and staying power are great but the colour is the awesome part. 


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