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Glamour Doll Eyes Circus Collection - Swatches

By 10/28/2011 ,

This took a while, my camera was acting up and I'm still not sure I even came close to capturing the amount of sparkling pretties I saw in person. Anyway I will have an actual review coming up tomorrow, for now onto the swatches!

Bearded Lady - a medium to dark brown inspired by the luscious beards of the women of the sideshow. The silver shimmers throughout add a hint of femininity. 

Big Top - mimicking canvas tents, this medium toned yellow with red shimmer ties together the traditional colors of the circus all in one.

Cotton Candy - who says cotton candy has to be pink? This light to medium blue with pink shimmers brings forth the playfulness of the spun sugar treat. This color is NOT vegan.

Electric Chair - FLASH! This satiny/velvety white, somewhat metallic looking shadow is inspired by the shock of the electrical current. JOLT!

Fiji Mermaid - this greenish blue tells the story of a commonly used sideshow act. The Fiji Mermaid is alive and real with green shimmer undertones, reminiscent of scales.

Fire Eater - inspired by the heat and the excitement of the fire eaters act this eye light uses red, yellow and orange colors to bring the fire-y spark.

Oddity is a very unique blend of shimmer and matte. This is a lime green but almost looks duochrome as well! 

Sword Swallower - down the hatch it goes! This semi metallic silver with silver sparkles embodies the shine and sharpness of the swords used in this traditional act.

I can say that Cotton Candy is WAY gorgeous in person compared to pictures, it looks like there is pink/purple sparkles in it that don't show up well in the picture. Bearded Lady also has some shifts of sparkles (it looks like green or blues in it) that unfortunately didn't show up well either. :(

Tomorrow I will try to post some pictures without the flash to try and get a better idea of the sparkles. 

Definitely worth picking up this set when it releases, beautiful shadows with cute packaging, and candy=win.

I will have more information in my actual review along with the primer review because I'm using it alot now days (from the original sample jar I bought).

FTC guidelines: I received the product(s) as a giveaway prize from Glamour Doll Eyes, but my review is my own honest objective opinion. My priority is to my readers!

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  1. These are amazing! Great swatches. I cannot wait for these to be available.

  2. These are super pretty! I like Oddity and Cotton Candy a lot.

  3. Wow! I had heard of Glamour Doll Eyes before, but didn't know they made such awesome eyeshadows. Beautiful swatches! I am in awe. :)

  4. Gorgeous shadows! You gotta love GDE :D

  5. These are so pigmented and the colors are gorgeous!

  6. all colors are simply gorgeous! can't wait to have them in my hands :)

  7. Fiji mermaid looks AMAZING!!!!!!!


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