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Evil Shades Cosmetics - First Look

By 10/06/2011 ,

I placed a sample order from Evil Shades, I've been seeing swatches and reviews a plenty lately and in the past. Of course me being slow... and having the ever watchful husband paying attention to everything I spend, I've slacked on ordering from places.

We're in the process of purchasing our first house so he is even more tight on the funds I can spend the last couple month. One day he said I could spend a little bit so I decided to place a small order for some samples to Evil Shades. This is just a first look, I will have a review up hopefully this weekend along with a couple others this weekend.

Kawaii packaging!! <3 the girl toon

Hardcore Lips - Anastasia

Currently Evil Shades has a Limited Edition Zombie collection for 2011, I suggest you check it out. At first glance the shades are beautiful (will have more info when I've swatches/worn them) :)

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  1. I've never heard of this brand before..

  2. These look so cute, never heard about this brand before :)

  3. i love evil shades, especially their lipproducts! :)

  4. Look forward to hearing more. I hadn't heard of this brand before. The packaging is cute! It is printed on or stickers?

  5. Need to see more of that lipgloss.... o___o


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