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Glamour Doll Eyes 2011 LE Halloween Set 1 - First Look

By 10/20/2011

This year Glamour Doll Eyes released 2 Halloween sets, I was only able to get a hold of one of them (unfortunately), as when I received set 1 the shadows look so gorgeous I wish I would of gotten both sets!

Anyway, I've not had a chance to wear these yet as I'm still working on the moving bit but I hope to have more posts up including but not limited to, Dinair Airbrush Review, Dark Heart Designs Review, Born Pretty Review, Avon Review, a Giveaway I won first look, and Dr. Nabet Xen Attitude Cream Review.

Now onto some pictures!

Note: Currently the site does not have shadows to order, but from what I hear it may be up and running fully soon. So be sure to check the site now and again.

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