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Spotlight of the Moment: Glamour Doll Eyes

By 10/12/2010 ,

Currently I'm organizing my collection and decided to start a Spotlight of the Moment series to show the stuff I have and since I haven't yet reviewed this company I figured I would I throw this one up. I will have other companies up shortly which is why I named it Spotlight of the Moment. ;)

I first ordered from Glamour Doll Eyes way back on October 11th 2009, I ordered Electric Lemonade and the limited edition Halloween collection that included Monster Mash, Urban Trash, Orange Crush (now known as Jailhouse Jumpsuit), and Killer Ego. I really liked these colors as I didn't already have matching ones.

Glamour Doll Eyes does put a * symbol to mark which shades are unblended repackaged mica which I can say some other places don't do that so I applaud this move. Since back then I've ordered (4) times from them, once was to buy a full Twi-shadow set that was on sale. I do have quite a few unblended ones but I also have a lot of the later ones that are very unique and blended shadows. I love the Twi-shadow set so much that I bought backups of them.

Currently Vee who is the owner is releasing new shadow towers which are stackable jars of pre-made or custom (you can choose your shades) made stacks. She is also releasing an 80's collection called "80's Child" with names like Mutant, Dream House, Romper, Brewster...I'm sure you can guess what inspired these names. :)

All in all I'm very excited to see the new stuff that will be coming from Glamour Doll Eyes in the future.

Anyway onto the pictures of what I've accumulated so far! Swatched over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy unless otherwise noted.

Mind Reader and Black Ice didn't photograph as well as I'd like they have sparkles in them that are beautiful.

I decided to take a closeup/different light view of Mind Reader because it's just so beautiful.

Below: Eye Lights swatched with MAC Mixing Medium

Note: adding ins some more colors I got.


Product: I find the shadows to be very easy to work with, and very pigmented.

Shipping: was perfect for every order, everything was neatly wrapped to avoid spill and I received them around the time advised on the site.

Customer Service: was great as one time Vee wrote me a note in my order advising me that Island Chic was not available due to they ran out of ingredients to make it so that it would arrive shortly after in it's own package. I did receive it within a short time after the original package came.

I would definitely buy from them again (once I'm off my no buy and back to work at the end of December hehe).

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  1. Amazing! Makes me want to play with all my stuff, but I'm supposed to be WORKING.

  2. @legothique Darn work for getting in the way of makeup fun. ;)

  3. I love GDE! They have lovely stuff :)

  4. I lovvvve pretty much all the colors I have from the "Twi"'s kind of embarrassing because I'm not really into Twilight at all(although I did read the books, guilty..) Premonition is probably my favorite!

  5. nossa são lindas demais essas sombras, estou aqui no brasil apaixonada por elas é de dar água na boca!


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