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Glamour Doll Eyes Custom Tower

By 10/16/2010 ,

So a few days ago I won a giveaway from Glamour Doll Eyes for a Shadow Tower and I got to pick what shadows I wanted in it. Also I want to say thank you to Vee for the great giveaways and that these shadows are extremely gorgeous.  I got the package in a few days and it was wrapped very nicely so arrived perfect.

Anyway here are the pictures and the swatches!

Note: For some reason Doll House and Juicy Mango show up darker than in person.

Note: Taken blurry and without flash to show more true to color and sparkles.

I'm definitely happy with the colors I picked for the custom tower. :)

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  1. Those are SERIOUS colors!!! Have fun with 'em! :)

  2. I so want all nighter, such a gorgeous purple!

  3. escrevi errado no post anterior,
    Cores lindas das suas sombras, amei, otima pigmentação Parece ter.
    gosteria Que tivesse aqui no Brasil para vender, aqui quase não temos nada de bom como ai!
    Amy Coloca em Seu blog newslestter gostaria muito de receber seus e-mails de postagens pois amei seu blog e seu estilo, amei de verdade!!!

  4. ooooh, very nice shades! I know this probably seems a bit odd but I'd happily buy these eye shadows just so I'd have the little tower for storing beads n the like when I'd used up the powders

    Oh and congrats on the win! :)


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