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Festival of Samhain (aka Halloween): Using Glamour Doll Eyes

By 10/01/2010 ,

Here's a look I did using Glamour Doll Eyes for an upcoming video on my Youtube channel, I will have it up shortly and have a list of all items used. :)

Note: I will also be adding the other video from prior (it's been a weird week).

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  1. That yellow/orange is insane. I've been hesitant to try GDE, but if all the colors are that nice I might have to try it.

  2. That look is gorgeous, those two colours look great together. And what a fab shade of yellow!

  3. So powerful and absolutely shockingly beautiful. x

  4. hOLY fuck this is so awesome!!! you application is so clean and powerful

  5. Just found your blog.. love your makeup all your looks look hot!


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