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Tutorials (old ones for now)

By 2/20/2010

Going to post my tutorials (only have two and they were from months ago) I'll have a few more up once I get my Sugarpill Cosmetics palette as well as my recent (and first) Fyrinnae haul. I'm probably going to order a second haul without even waiting on the first...I had a chance to swatch "hypercool" because my sister in-law bought some a while back and said she thought they were "meh"

I think she might have been wiping the color across her lid so I tried it patting the color onto my hand foiled and I fell over from the beautiful shade of almost dark green/ was gorgeous! I almost wanted to keep it. :( So now I think I might place another order already lol. I will have some tutorials up asap when I get them!

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