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Archetype Cosmetics.....has Customer Service Improved?

By 2/28/2010

Archetype Cosmetics

So I placed an order (for science) even after I heard bad feedback about people not recieving their orders....mainly because I was getting only $7 worth of product and I had to see these awesome shadows myself.

Many bloggers have stated they have some of the most beautiful colors they have ever again I had to check them out. I placed my order on Feb. 5th 2010 through paypal and expected not to see them for months if at all. So I checked my mailbox Feb 26th 2010 to see if I got my Fyrinnae package yet and was shocked to instead find the Archetype Cosmetics package :O!?! Needless to say I was completed shocked and thought maybe I was just one of the lucky ones.

So I swatched....and stared....and was scratching my head at how I got them so quick while drooling over the sparkles and unique shades they have. I decided to check there site and read over some info I did not see on there before....which stated:

Found at Archetype Cosmetics:

" Important Note about Shipping: shipping has changed to PRIORITY ONLY. We will be click-n-shipping through PayPal for PayPal orders, and click-n-ship through for credit card orders. International orders will be processed the same way through click-n-ship. $4.75 flat rate priority w/ delivery confirmation in the US, $11.50 flat rate priority to Canada, $13.50 flat rate to the rest of the world. Click-n-ship automatically emails a tracking number when the label is printed. International flat rate doesn't have a tracking number but USPS will send you a click n ship email.

Currently we are shipped through mid-February, and we hope to keep our shipping quicker with the click-n-ship and some reorganization we have done recently.

Thanks to all our lovely customers for their patience!"

Note: order at your own risk

I can only assume they have possibly gotten things together? I placed a second order to see the speed with which they deliver this one (for science again). Hopefully this cake is not a lie.

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