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Sugarpill Cosmetics - Review

By 2/22/2010 ,

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So I had checked my mail before I left for work and I had mail in the box so I didn't think I got anything.....worked my fun 8 hours walked in the door to a package on the table. I skipped over with glee to hug the box.

Initial thoughts... "OMG that kitty icon is so friggin CUTE!" I immediately had to take pictures/swatches.

I then had to go through the box taking pictures of every detail...I must say from packaging I am very impressed with the detail/care that goes into it. Did you notice not only the kitty but the cute star sticker she put on it? :)

 She also put in this invoice of my order and personalized it by signing it....again impressed she took the time to do this instead of just getting a computer printed thank you. (Yes my name is Amy too lol)

 Under the letter there was a nice hot pink tissue paper to protect the stuff. and then another layer of tissue paper that the stuff was wrapped in. :)

 I was excited to see the shimmery Sugarpill logo stickers....they are really, really pretty and very well designed (the whole packaging is well designed and everything works together to make this one very gorgeous collection of makeup).

 I don't know about you, but I am definitely addicted to this pretty.

 The design is actually imprinted on the palette itself instead of being a sticker over the top. Another well thought out design to make it on par with the high end makeup companies packaging. :)

 Warning!! Cute kitty logo on back of palette!!

 I was very excited about how smooth and vibrant they are without a base!

 Colors swatched over UDPP on top using MAC 239 brush. Bottom over UDPP and Nyx Milk Eyeshadow Pencil using 239 brush. Can you say <3

Initial review for Sugarpill Cosmetics

Packaging/Delivery: the packaging flows beautifully and was well thought out in design and details. The care taken is impressive in itself with this, my packaged arrived quickly and in perfect shape.

Product: The eyeshadows and the fact I can swatch without a base and get that vibrant brilliant pigmentation makes me think that....well *know that* my (allowance on makeup I allow myself each month) will most definitely be going towards the Sugarpill Cosmetics line instead of mostly MAC/Urban Decay like it had been. As for the texture/smoothness of the product....I know see why the yellow one is called Buttercupcake, these shadows practically melt effortlessly on and I don't have to use a ton of it to get pigmentation/vibrancy.

Price: I find the price to be very fair for the amount of product you get, the eyeshadows are huge and for $34 for a 4x palette that is very reasonable and worth the money for this kind of quality/pigmentation! 

Final thoughts Shrinkle did an awesome job on this line!!!

I will definitely purchase again from what I have seen so far. (must own Midori shadow, Sweetheart palette next!) More thoughts to come when I can post a tutorial using them.

PRODUCT : 10/10
TEXTURE : 10/10
PRICE : 5/5

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