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By 2/21/2010

I have a bunch of pictures of looks I did....I'll have to post's one I had done for a contest from Xsparkage....I have no idea where my video went for it. I adjusted the shadow/highlight on this because it was kind of dark. I did this one ages ago....around the first 6 months after I got into makeup....took forever it seems to do it lol.

I did this one for another contest....too bad I was too busy to actually submit it. :( I had fun doing the pink/blue....blues are my favorite colors although purples go best with my green eyes. I forgot what products I used besides the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Electric.

This one I think I just did because I was going out....again no idea what I used.....although I did LOVE the way my lips look....I'm more of a bubble gum pink lip girl....or dark I'm not a pink kind of girl....I'm a whatever the heck I want to be.....I never say I'm goth....I never say I'm preppy....labels are dumb....people should do whatever they feel like with their looks/style....least that's how I see it. I will however say my hair usually is either blue, teal or purple...although for a bit I'm waiting on it to rest before I re-bleach it to dye it again. I also tend to lean more into *dark goth/punk looking clothes/hair/makeup/jewelry*....I swing back and forth through every kind of style...I love japanese I can be anything lol.

This one I again did for an "earlier in my makeup days" contest...I didn't win...but then again I did care/expect to. ;p I got the idea for the symbols from a game....who would of thought eh? lol....I played a Witchelf in Warhammer Online and I loved her so much she "stealthed" into my makeup look. I used MAC Golder's Green pigment, a mix of Ben Nye colors and fluidline in Blacktrack....taken at night....(daylight is so much nicer to take photos in).

This one again for something online.....I think I did this one about a little less than a year ago...based on my blending...although if I can remember I was trying for more of a sharp look.....I liked the purple since it makes the green eyes stand out more. :)

This one I forgot what colors I even blended lol....I do know it looked way more vibrant/unique in person....I loved how it turned out and wish I could remember what I did for it. This is the last one for now....I have to dig up my other stuff....and I need to make some new ones when I get my Sugarpill palette and Fyrinnae haul....I also dared to order small samples of Archetype so I can see what the big deal is on those and the possible customer service issues.

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