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Milani Cosmetics - Fantastical Plumage Nail Lacquers - Review & Swatches - Limited Edition

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Press Sample

This month Milani Cosmetics is releasing a Limited Edition Nail Laquer Collection called Fantastical Plumage. The collection consist of 5 solid color polishes as well as a topcoat sprinkle effect polish that you can use alone or ontop of the solid polishes, each polish is sold separately.

Anyway onto the photos!

L to R: 866 Scarlet Ibis, 867 Canary, 868 Peacock, 869 Blue Jay, 870 Purple Martin (Followed by Carnival on top of each)

My Rating:  8 out of 10 feathers

Cost:  $4.49 for Base Solid Colors and $4.99 for Carnival Topcoat

Availability:  CVS, Meijer's, and (Limited Edition)

Formula:  These polishes are free of DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde. All the Base polishes are very pigmented and I had no trouble getting a solid layer with the first coat if done right. Carnival was a little bit more difficult to work with as I would get more black sprinkles and no white so I had to actually try and get single white specks out separately (this is what dropped the rating).

The Packaging:  Standard polish packaging.

My Final Thoughts:  I really love the color ranges in this collection, all of them are really pretty shades and I will definitely wear them again. The down fall of this collection was Carnival as it was difficult to get any of the white specks out (you may be able to place some of the topcoat on something then  use a nail stick and place them separately on the nail).

Would I purchase these?  I'd definitely purchase the solid polishes as for the Carnival color it's nice if you can get a good coat but is again a little difficult to work with. Despite the one downfall I will still say these are crow approved simply for the pigmentation.

Will you be purchasing these? What's your favorite color(s)?

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