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Birthday Hauling...

By 8/18/2013

I Bought This

My birthday was a couple weeks ago and my husband drove me an hour away to go to our closest MAC Cosmetics counter, I ended up picking up a couple things and figured I would give you a sneak peek look ahead of the review post! I also ordered something online that the Sephora near me and the other one we went to on the road trip did not have any of unfortunately, I wonder what it could be!

Anyway onto the photos!

Left: MAC Minerlize Skinfinish Natural Light  Right: MAC Pressed Pigment Jet Couture

I had went to my Sephora store 20 minutes away and they had told me they were not getting the Sephora Disney Ariel Collection in at all so I was very dissapointed. That same day I called the Sephora store an hour away and they said they had 3 of the Ariel Mirror Compacts in so I was hopeful that it would still be there two days later when my husband took me up there for my birthday.

Unfortunately when we got up there they were all gone so I had to resort to buying it on eBay and I ended up paying almost double the original $20 price, I normally would not do that but considering the Cinderella one is now selling for over $100 I decided to go for it.

Anyway I will have more post up later on, I've been dealing with more migraines and I also caught something akin to the flu... or it could be food poisoning!

Hope you all are doing well!

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